Anonymous – Who Are They? What Are They About?

We’ve all heard of Anonymous, the group of hackers who have hacked into some of the largest businesses and companies including PayPal, EBay, Sony and the Bank of America.

By who are they and what do they want? They never steal anyone’s personal information and make it available; they basically hack into the systems to prove that they can. Anyone with it jobs will find these youngsters quite a handful when setting up firewalls and security walls.

These hackers called Anonymous don’t have a business management degree, they don’t have a leader and don’t believe them a group, they come together when there is a company making it hard for people, and they hack them as a form of protest.

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It is believed this group is a loose collective made up of computer users in their teens and early twenties. The name Anonymous means the ability for internet users to talk online anonymously, giving them complete freedom of speech.

They don’t have a degree in communications and don’t worry about online mba programs accredited, they defend their right to freedom of speech.

When they hack these large corporations they are doing it as a form of online protest. By causing disruption they make it difficult for businesses to run and think of the expense it causes to these companies to get their systems protected again to try and stop it from happening again.

If a company in South Africa had to make it hard for someone to do something, whoever is online at the time will combine forces and target an important sector, hacking South Africa accommodation websites for example. This form of protest makes it hard for the businesses to operate for a few hours utilizing all their manpower to get the systems back up and running.

Anonymous only wants to raise awareness, they have never stolen personal information or shared the information they have accessed online. This is not what they are about, their aim is to protest online and raise the awareness of the public.

These are normal people that you may even work with or go to school with, they are not in drug rehab, they probably have medical aid and they are playing a serious coração partido.

It’s very much like cheating on words with friends, you have access to all the information you need to succeed in the game.

Another way of looking at them is the hippies of today, instead of standing outside the business with boards stating what they want to stay, they demonstrate their ability to cause disruption as a form of protest and freedom of speech.

If you look at ms finance and if something goes wrong causing harm to someone, they will come in and cause chaos on that’s person’s behalf. They aren’t a group as such and it just depends who is online at the time of something happening, those online get together and form a hacking collective.

There have been many arrests of youngsters in the past few months relating to Anonymous activity, but they are a tiny handful of the members on the website who all have excellent computer skills.