Do Social Media Sites Affect Governments?

The social media is something that has gained a tremendous amount of popularity lately. It seems as if everyone uses one social media website or another. The communication advantages and opportunities that these websites provide are beyond what most other communication channels can provide. These networks ensure that communication defies all geographical barriers and has to face no difficulties pertaining to time and money. Life these days is so busy and I often wonder how we would be able o handle it if it weren’t for the social media helping us stay in touch with friends and family in times of need. One can take advantage from the social media in a number of different ways and the government is definitely not excluded from the list of organizations that can benefit from the social media.

With the help of the social media these days, you can find an emergency dentist Glasgow within minutes. This helps businesses grow and expand thus helping a country’s GDP to increase. Governments can easily promote their economies over the social media websites that are present these days. This helps governments because of the fact that costs of promotion are minimized.

While campaigning, parties can make use of the social media to encourage users of these platforms to learn more about the party’s policies and agenda. Since the social media reaches out to a large range of people, this is yet again an extremely cost effective and time saving method of getting the message across to the masses. It is essential for parties these days to be active on such mediums in order for the youth to learn about them as the youth is the main asset of the future.

Public service messages and also be given via social media websites by the government. If the authorities feel that too many people get US fast cash loans to purchase automobiles, they can actually run a campaign online for people to become aware of the consequences of doing so.

However, the social media is a powerful tool that can be used against the smooth functioning of the government as well. Hackers can base themselves on such websites and attack the official websites of government ministries etc. Such incidents are not unheard of and have created chaos for many governments.