How Black Public Intellectuals Are Failing Black America, Algernon Austin takes on the current trend of middle- and upper-class blacks to subscribe to the stereotypes attributed to poor blacks, such as that they are criminals, irresponsible, lazy, and/or promiscuous.

He notes that this is not a surprising fact, because the stereotypes are part of the culture that black Americans are raised in. However, he feels that the current trend toward conservatism is what has caused more affluent blacks to abandon, rather than defend, their poorer counterparts.

Austin’s claim is that he is endeavoring to “replace false stereotypes with real evidence about real people.” He further claims that the cultural reflex to think in stereotypes regarding blackness and whiteness must be disrupted in order for the problems American black face to be successfully analyzed and resolved.

Austin’s book is almost a direct contradiction of Michael Eric Dyson’s Is Bill Cosby Right? Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind? In that it attempts to examine the issue without bias.

Austin has impeccable credentials; he has taught sociology at both Wesleyan and DePaul Universities, and his book is not an ad hominem attack on Bill Cosby, but an examination of the work of not only Dyson, but other members of the African-American intelligentsia such as Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates, NYU’s Derrick Bell , and TV talk show host Tavis Smiley.

His primary contention is that as the black intelligentsia has moved into ivory towers, they have lost touch with the majority of the Black community; therefore, they now feel comfortable castigating those black folks who have not made the same strides as exhibiting symptoms long-associated with prejudice and poverty. He further postulates that this practice is destructive specifically because it is based on the very stereotyping that leaves much of white Middle America reluctant to look at the culture and economy which, he asserts, is racist and exploitative, as the cause of the plight of the poverty-stricken black population.

Additionally, Austin points to the legal system as America’s most anti-black institution, and argues that the criminal justice system defines criminality as an inherent trait of blackness, rather than of poverty in general, offering the relatively hands-off treatment of white-collar criminals, a category consisting primarily of white perpetrators, as prima facie proof. He especially notes the differences in the pursuit, capture, and sentencing of these crooks, even though their crimes are greater in that they affect many more victims.

While this book has the advantage of dispassionately working to separate myths from facts, and is excellent in deliberately deconstructing the unfair, color-based stereotypes which both black and white middle class cultures use in referring to African-American ghetto-dwellers, it is a flawed book in that statistics are constantly changing. On the other hand, this short volume is important because of the very detachment Austin uses to analyze the situation and present his theories.

How Black Public Intellectuals Are Changing America

The black race has gone through much in America, beginning from their foundation as slaves captured from their ancestral homes; they have come a long way and have proven valuable in all sectors of American life. Beginning with the priceless efforts of Martin Luther who had a dream that would come to pass decades after his passing on, American now has an African American president.

African Americans make up the single largest racial minority in the history of the United States, this is just like saying that best wrinkle creams are used by persons who have worked longest with Helen pastorino and have gained highest company ratings. It also comparable to the fact that original Samsung mobile batteries lasting long than fake one’s. These African American societies began working as casuals in cleaning and repairing coffee machines factory and further; through much struggle some have continued and acquired prestigious status in education cycles with many of them being holders of degrees and post graduate degrees such as masters in education among others.

The likes of Henry Louis Gates in the midst of others have put invaluable efforts in bringing out the real intellectual capacity of the black race that for ages has been seen inferior. Presently there is a great pool of human resources that is able to sustainably ascend the rank of public intellectual which has being rated by many as one of the most hardest tasks. This is just like acquiring property management York using payday loan funds only.

The psych and motivation has enabled many blacks to study, reflect and/or speculate on diverse topics which require a good commanding knowledge of the discourse one is involved in and the ability to articulate using words the ideas and thoughts therein. This is not a simple as submitting term papers for a degree of masters in education or locating web design leeds companies in Yorkshire or even getting free Microsoft points. It is a serious and a complex process that requires creative and critical thinking and purposeful use of analytical skills which an average man is not only unable to employ but relatively unwilling. We get it, finding a location appartement is tough!

From entertainment industry to federal government to offering worldwide solutions to issues that face humanity the black man has began to unravel great know how and also great strategies which in a way may fall short of the contemporary approaches that currently held dear. These ‘out of box’ approaches should not be measured using the traditional thinking that always seeks to stereotype the black’s mind. As such the end result should hold more ground nonetheless the procedure used should not cause harm of whatever kind.

Moreover the black intellectual at this instant stands to offer tangible solutions that can handle multicolored problems that plague the black American and this they do using their intellectual gifts to address such issues in dialogue and other mechanisms.

How Twitter & Social Networks have Changed Governments

The development of social media may not have anticipated the sociopolitical effects such channels have had. The recent political activities aggravated by social media like face book and twitter reveal another side of these Medias and their ability to influence governance and change. They seem to depart from the traditional norm that limited their use to socialization only; it is just like freeing a wedding photographer York to capture breaking news in New York.

Egypt protests are claimed to have been organized through social media that the government had no power to block from public access such as face book and twitter. The use of such sites has gained popularity just like the villa holidays or Drakensberg accommodation services. Syria protests have also continued from early this year and have persisted to this period whose philosophy and values have been passed on through social media.

Tunisia has not been left out in this social media awakening. However, it should be noted that social media alone is not responsible for instigating such revolutions. Nonetheless the protests experienced in Egypt, Tunisia and other Middle East countries have been greatly fueled by the face book, twitter, TwitPic, you tube as catalyst for the protests in their earlier stages. This is further aggravated by the introduction of sviluppo applicazioni mobile which work as a big office space containing best web hosting services. However, the BBC record that there is no much proof that social media was used in Yemen protests. This is because there is low internet penetration in the country. The same applied for Libya because the government successfully cracked down on the internet. The experiences correlate to remodeling estimates of the social media influence and use and function.

Egypt uprising saw much inputs fro the face book and twitter where messages, comments and videos were uploaded, among other things. The government was unable to contain the use of such media because of the new cell phone technology that acted just like the surf clothing that cannot be hidden. This led to the ousting of the long serving Egyptian president Mubarak. It was noted that cutting the internet down in Egypt revealed Hosni Mubarak’s fear of the social media like face book and its potential power in the protests. Allowing internet flow was just alike loosing car insurance or paying a visit to San Diego therapist for diabetes illness.

Presently, there are fears among some of the Middle East nations that the events experienced in Tunisia and Egypt that were fueled through social media could lead to youth uprising among them too. Such fears hold water owing to the popularity of the social media by the young people and the critical role they have played so far in the recent protests. The full potential of social media is yet to be seen in changing governments and systems of governance worldwide.

When we talk about influence in Social Media, only two entities will come into mind, Facebook and Twitter. Both have been powerful media tools that have played a very big part in social dissemination of information. Facebook gives us the value of Social networking and has gone to numerous proportions with the “like” system. What about Twitter? Twitter became the voice of the internet. Although both Facebook and Twitter give out microblogging services, Twitter is made specifically to listen and talk. Its simplicity has gone through the liking of most people, internet savvy or not. This is the reason why the government has learned to utilize it for its campaigns.

Justice for Treyvon Martin – LiveStream! Take Part of this Critical Cause!

Government Uprises happen because people can talk and listen to different opinions which open up trends in various fields. A Mesothelioma Lawyer can listen to any other lawyer regarding his opinion on various cases and can comment on anything, can follow on anyone without restrictions. The Web designers of Twitter certainly knew what they were trying to do. Issues can now be covered by anyone.

With regards to government issues, everyone is interested just as they are with celebrities. Unlike television that offers one way communications, Twitter gives an instant respond system to just anything. Imagine having a million people following a twitter user who has certain views that can make a seemingly great difference, millions will retweet and agree. This will cause an immediate chain reaction that can lead to uprises easily.

Boats for sale can be sold in a matter of comments and mentions. Heat pump prices will be compared and commented on easily just like car logbook loans will be scrutinized like the president is. Twitter gives out an open, free for all setting with little restriction to your opinion. This is why Twitter helps in government uprises, by bringing in a feedback system.

Primarily, Twitter is very useful in getting through people and voicing out what part of today’s issues are relevant. Although it can be mentioned that 99 percent of Twitter content is useless blabber about people voicing out from their favorite dog collars to their prom dresses in high school; it also tackles issues that pose relevance to the people tweeting. Coconut oil may not be as important to America, but to the farmers from half way across the globe it is.

Twitter helps out in government uprises because it points out to what the government may see as unimportant but holds relevance in the communities of dynamic societies all over the world. These subjects may fall from folding chairs used in the president’s meetings to a free cell phone that everyone wants to have. Add in the celebrities and famous people who hold influence in social development, there will be a lot to offer.

Anonymous – Who Are They? What Are They About?

We’ve all heard of Anonymous, the group of hackers who have hacked into some of the largest businesses and companies including PayPal, EBay, Sony and the Bank of America.

By who are they and what do they want? They never steal anyone’s personal information and make it available; they basically hack into the systems to prove that they can. Anyone with it jobs will find these youngsters quite a handful when setting up firewalls and security walls.

These hackers called Anonymous don’t have a business management degree, they don’t have a leader and don’t believe them a group, they come together when there is a company making it hard for people, and they hack them as a form of protest.

Video streaming by Ustream

It is believed this group is a loose collective made up of computer users in their teens and early twenties. The name Anonymous means the ability for internet users to talk online anonymously, giving them complete freedom of speech.

They don’t have a degree in communications and don’t worry about online mba programs accredited, they defend their right to freedom of speech.

When they hack these large corporations they are doing it as a form of online protest. By causing disruption they make it difficult for businesses to run and think of the expense it causes to these companies to get their systems protected again to try and stop it from happening again.

If a company in South Africa had to make it hard for someone to do something, whoever is online at the time will combine forces and target an important sector, hacking South Africa accommodation websites for example. This form of protest makes it hard for the businesses to operate for a few hours utilizing all their manpower to get the systems back up and running.

Anonymous only wants to raise awareness, they have never stolen personal information or shared the information they have accessed online. This is not what they are about, their aim is to protest online and raise the awareness of the public.

These are normal people that you may even work with or go to school with, they are not in drug rehab, they probably have medical aid and they are playing a serious coração partido.

It’s very much like cheating on words with friends, you have access to all the information you need to succeed in the game.

Another way of looking at them is the hippies of today, instead of standing outside the business with boards stating what they want to stay, they demonstrate their ability to cause disruption as a form of protest and freedom of speech.

If you look at ms finance and if something goes wrong causing harm to someone, they will come in and cause chaos on that’s person’s behalf. They aren’t a group as such and it just depends who is online at the time of something happening, those online get together and form a hacking collective.

There have been many arrests of youngsters in the past few months relating to Anonymous activity, but they are a tiny handful of the members on the website who all have excellent computer skills.

Transgender Awareness in the USA

If you are interested in learning more details on the way that transgender awareness is being raised in the United States of America, you can read more here within the next few lines. If you are afraid that your online reputation might have anything to suffer because of a Facebook wall posting stating you are a supporter of transgender diversity in the U.S., you probably still have a long way to go until you can consider yourself genuinely open to diversity and democracy. Just look around, although there are so many things that are keeping us together, we are all different in so many ways. This is why special programs and events such as the one that is going to be held between the 12th and 19th of November, 2012, that is dedicated to educating about transgender community are so important.

This program is also going to present issues that are also facing trans people in the Massachusetts area. The event will feature educational opportunities statewide, which are going to be hosted by MTPC and other organizations and community groups. The event will ultimately culminate on November the 20th with the Transgender Day Of Remembrance, which is a global gathering of trans and also allied communities held to memorialize the victims of anti-trans hatred and anti-trans prejudice. The Transgender Day Of Remembrance is also held in the honor of Rita Hester, who was murdered in Boston on November the 28th, 1998. Her passing has also inspired the “Remembering Our Dead” Internet project and also the first Transgender Day Of Remembering in San Francisco back in 1999.

Choosing to visit the official MTPC web site might not exactly help you find the labrador retriever or the best anti aging products you might be looking to buy. It is, however, going to help you suggest and even plan your won transgender awareness events in your own state. Adding events is not hard to do, and you can even use a printed calendar, as long as you decide to use the email address and make your suggestions. You can also call (617) 778-0519 and plan your transgender movie screening, book discussions, panel discussions or trans-themed art shows. People who are going to attend these events should not expect to be able to buy premium Kratom here and get rid of their issues. Instead, they should expect to find a warm environment and get to talk to people who could give them advice on where to buy the most affordable Gynexin products to help them get rid of their man breasts’ problem.

There are also similar transgender awareness events occurring in other states of the United States as well, and the Internet can be a great source of information concerning these programs.

Emerging Social Media Politics

No matter what field they might be involved in, all businesses have one thing in common: the need to generate more profitable sales. Accomplishing this is quite easy for those who know how to perfectly master the art of marketing. Whether we are talking about smart webinars held online, radio commercials, TV ads or Internet marketing strategies, these folks are well-aware of the power of these tools and there are not afraid to use them. Social media and social networking in general have known a gigantic increase in the last past years. More and more social media platforms are constantly improving their features in order to attract more followers, visitors or users and smart business managers cannot but take advantage of this and blend in these platforms into their own online marketing campaigns.

The Internet is full of toll free numbers interested folks can use in order to learn more about some top Internet marketing services. Business owners or managers who need to handle online sales are usually the first ones who take great interest in these social media platforms and the new politics behind them. They need to stay one step ahead of change and competition, and keeping constantly updated with the latest features and services is therefore something that should be on their mind.

Clever San Marcos Flooring companies that are looking to generate more contractor leads can either use webcam chat during some online social media seminars and get all the info they need from the mouths of specialists. They can also decide to do some trips around the world, taste some delicious Italian food or serve some Germen beer and learn all about the main social media secrets company managers from these countries are currently using.

They can also decide to go online on their own and do the necessary research. They could learn that Pinterest has decided to change its policy a little and start to make a difference between business pages pertaining to individuals and genuine businesses companies whose business accounts have in fact been verified. Hence, they will aid these companies rank higher when it comes to search engines. Pinning from these companies’ websites is therefore going to prove to be a lot easier. The same social media platform decided to insert several new widgets that business managers can also fully take benefit from. These widgets are displaying the most recent pins of a user, together with a board widget that clearly highlights the pins of certain boards.

Twitter has also decided to enable the Supreme Group and other businesses of all sizes to boost their impact on the market by teaching them how to engage in relevant conversation that can clearly shape the industry they are in and the products and services they are selling. Using TweetDeck or HootSuite to manage one’s tweet schedule is one of the most popular Tweeter politics that is currently recommended by specialists.

What Makes USA Super Power?

Power is sweet they say, but how sweet is it? Or how sweet is a product or activity? It depends on the degree and perception but super power can be based on different perspective views everyone accounting on their own way and words. Some may be super power in politics, inventions and innovations, technology, science and eve as a business hub.

Making great products for great people and exceptional looks is what one can call super in one word, skin products such as coconut for skin, beauty products and all achievable, well researched and successful plastic surgeries across the states. Going through an extra mile getting the work done in a very professional way is not an easy thing to come by given availability of scarce resources and continuing human wants and needs which are very competitive and limitless.

Hair product such as making different stylish, curly hair products in particular has gone through transformation from its original form of innovation to help the hair look better up to now so far where it has reached. Making discoveries such as this is very essential, consuming a lot of money in researching and eventual production in big scale too realize the sustainability of the economy and environment. This contributes a lot to creation of jobs and source of income to those involved, directly or none directly.

Discovery in medicine has also been associated with being powerful and technological advancement whereby exists different screening machines and equipment for screening back pain and other forms of diseases. Medication is very important as one can’t afford to gamble with life one second and it is gone and forever you cannot find it again. This is why existence of professional doctors and well equipped health facilities are very vital for a country to prosper and considered super power.

Many job opportunities can be created as technology has made it easy, just a click from your home and you get all the information you need about particular subject of interest. People do work from home such as article writers, authors and even blogging for kids who are fun and sustaining. All we try to do is to make a difference in someone’s life, that person who needs to pay bills, school fee and other errands. This is monitored and well managed to ensure no abuse and quality is maintained at all cost. Generation of income can be very hard but at the same time easy and simple depending on how you view things. Some people see opportunities; others see bare land and blue sky.

Thinking differently makes one a different individual, a single ruled out country which stands by its principles. Getting the rightful people to do right activities towards concerned citizens, such as car accident lawyers making life easy for those who are wronged by others. Making justice delivery and prosperity to all citizens without any favoritism and discrimination which is very baseless and one can wonder why one practices this ill backward deed.

Do Social Media Sites Affect Governments?

The social media is something that has gained a tremendous amount of popularity lately. It seems as if everyone uses one social media website or another. The communication advantages and opportunities that these websites provide are beyond what most other communication channels can provide. These networks ensure that communication defies all geographical barriers and has to face no difficulties pertaining to time and money. Life these days is so busy and I often wonder how we would be able o handle it if it weren’t for the social media helping us stay in touch with friends and family in times of need. One can take advantage from the social media in a number of different ways and the government is definitely not excluded from the list of organizations that can benefit from the social media.

With the help of the social media these days, you can find an emergency dentist Glasgow within minutes. This helps businesses grow and expand thus helping a country’s GDP to increase. Governments can easily promote their economies over the social media websites that are present these days. This helps governments because of the fact that costs of promotion are minimized.

While campaigning, parties can make use of the social media to encourage users of these platforms to learn more about the party’s policies and agenda. Since the social media reaches out to a large range of people, this is yet again an extremely cost effective and time saving method of getting the message across to the masses. It is essential for parties these days to be active on such mediums in order for the youth to learn about them as the youth is the main asset of the future.

Public service messages and also be given via social media websites by the government. If the authorities feel that too many people get US fast cash loans to purchase automobiles, they can actually run a campaign online for people to become aware of the consequences of doing so.

However, the social media is a powerful tool that can be used against the smooth functioning of the government as well. Hackers can base themselves on such websites and attack the official websites of government ministries etc. Such incidents are not unheard of and have created chaos for many governments.